How do I…

Know if the propellers will fit my motors? 

The installation adaptor kit is currently designed to fit the following motors: 

KDE Motors: KDE62xx, KDE52xx, KDE42xx
T-Motor: MN501-S, MN505-S, MN601-S, MN605-S, P60, P80III without Pin, U8II, U8 Lite, U11II, U13II


AMP Industrial Adaptor Specifications

Inner hole size: 4mm or 6mm

Motor Mount Diameter: 18mm or 20mm


Install the adapter?  

Please review the insert within the Adaptor package, or go to the Adaptor product page for detailed instructions.
Downloadable Adaptor Installation Instructions

Know if the propeller is clockwise or counter-clockwise?

On the back of each propeller you will see “CW” or “CCW”. “CW” is clockwise. “CCW” is counter-clockwise.

Balance the propellers? Is it needed?

The propellers are balanced at the factory and are ready to go out of the box.


Can I…

Balance the propellers myself?

The propellers are balanced at the factory and are ready to go out of the box.

Use the propellers if I crash?

We recommend fully inspecting each propeller (top, bottom, tip and root) to look for cracks and/or breakage not only after a crash, but before each flight. Discard any damaged propellers and install new ones for the best performance and safety.

Use AMP propellers in extreme cold?

Yes, the propellers are made for ‘extreme’ conditions. Note you may experience higher air density at cooler temperatures, which may affect performance.

Use AMP propellers in extreme high temperature?

Yes, the propellers can be used up to 200F degree ambient temperatures. If you need higher operating temperature, give us a call as we have high-temp materials that can take you to 650F and higher.

Expect a performance difference in high vs. low altitude?

Air density is a major contributing factor in high vs. low altitude flight and may affect performance

Clean the propellers using an alcohol or ammonia based cleaner?

Yes, be gentle and use sparingly, but the propellers have very high solvent / chemical resistance


Does the propeller not have the classic carbon fiber weave look?

AMP Industrial uses uni-directional fiber material vs. woven. This gives us the ability to engineer the fiber angles to exactly the angles we want to increase performance. For our process and material, the woven look is purely for aestetics and acutally is not the best material for performance.

Does the propeller look like it has wrinkles in the material?

The multiple layers of material may come out of manufacturing process looking like there is a wrinkle or ‘fold’ in the fiber. This does NOT affect performance at all and is only a cosmetic issue.

Are these loud?

The props tested (3rd party) 5-15% lower in dB rating than the leading propellers of equal or similar size

Why AMP?

AMP Industrial propellers are tougher, stronger and specifically designed for Commercial, Industrial and Military use. We are Berry Amendment Compliant and all products are designed and manufacturered in the United States.


Should I change the propellers?

Generally speaking, the propellers should provide over 400 hours of carefree flying. That said, always check your propellers for damage, cracking or degradation, especially after a crash or very hard landing.


Is the recommended operating temperature limits for the propellers?

The props can run from -40F to +200F without failing

Is the actual length of each propeller blade?

We designed the propellers to be exactly the diameter listed within the part number. Example, the PRO220 is a 22.0″x8.9 prop, so each individual blade is 11.0″ long.

Is the difference between PRO and TRI series?

At this point, the difference is the number of individual props that come in the box. You will need the TRI adapter if you plan to run three-propeller rotors.

Other sizes does AMP offer?

We will start with 17.0″, 22.0″ and 26.0″ diameter and determine where to go from customer feedback and demand.


How do I contact service and support?

support@ampindustrial.com or +1-303-667-3858

Will AMP design and build a propeller specifically for my UAV?

We do have an OEM division to make propellers specifically for your UAS.

Who is AMP?

We are a dedicated team of engineers who really know composites and are passionate about providing impactful solutions to the world.

Where are the products manufactured?

All products are proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.


Where does my product ship from?

Today, it will ship from Amazon.

Do I have to pay tax?


When will my order ship?

If inventory is at Amazon, almost the same day.

Do I have to buy from Amazon?

Today, yes.

Will you ship to my country?

We certainly will make every effort to send product to your country, if the law allows us to.

What are my payment choices?

Amazon will help you with this question

Do you outfit fleets?

Yes, please give us a call at +1-303-677-3858 or info@ampindustrial.com