Manufactured at Home

Americans are finding themselves with lengthy lead-times and out of stocks due to a shift in reliance on foreign manufacturing.

While many see the Made in the USA logo as a point of patriotism, many are turning to US manufacturing as a way of supporting our workers. Keeping Americans working, but also for companies to continue to innovate and develop processes domestically that will only help the future of Americans.

With manufacturing and logistics facing a significant slow-down with everything going on in the world. Now more than ever, having a source based in the US for manufacturing can make the difference between months and weeks between receiving your product.

AMP Industrial is proud to design and manufacturer all of our products right here in Colorado.

Looking to outfit a fleet of UAVs with a product you can trust? Look no further.

Designed for serious UAS missions, AMP Industrial propellers provide unparalleled performance and longevity.

It is our mission to bring high-quality components to you by leveraging the latest in proven technology and materials, so you get products they simply cannot find anywhere else. With decades of experience developing new technologies, our dedicated team of problem solvers is here for you.

We are proud to be a Berry Amendment compliant (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a) manufacturer and are fully committed to the continued support of our Nation’s servicemen and women.

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