Tougher, stronger, and more efficient high-performance propellers for serious missions within extreme environments for commercial, industrial and military uses.


Denver, CO – July 31, 2019: Specializing in advanced composites propulsion solutions, AMP Industrial today announced its PRO-series UAS propellers which feature groundbreaking materials and design to dramatically increase the lifespan and overall performance of UAS propellers. Created for the serious UAS professional, AMP Industrial propellers allow for industry-leading toughness and strength, as well as lower propeller dB levels during operation. By leveraging uni-directional, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFR-TP) composites and high-volume manufacturing capacities, AMP Industrial is uniquely poised to support the ever-increasing propulsion needs of the commercial, industrial and military UAS markets.


“Most propellers serving the UAS market are derivatives from the toy industry and are burdened by unreliable and inefficient performance due to poor design or materials,” said Matt Christensen, AMP Industrial’s CEO, and founder. “Compared with traditional plastics and composites, CFR-TP composites are lighter, tougher, stiffer, and allow for the propellers to be tailored to the environment and use-model. Our propellers are engineered specifically to handle the tough conditions serious UAS pilots encounter and can survive flights in high heat, abrasion, and chemical environments.”


AMP Industrial propellers are currently offered in a 22” x 8.9 diameter/pitch solution with additional sizes arriving over the next few weeks. The PRO220 offers four balanced propeller blades; two clockwise and two counter-clockwise which make two complete 22.0” diameter propellers. The mounting adaptor for the PRO-series, ADAPTOR-PRO-MD is sold separately to minimize unnecessary components in the box, especially as replacement propellers are frequently purchased.


Independently tested within a certified US laboratory, AMP Industrial propellers have proven to have industry-leading thrust and efficiency measurements, as well as a reduced acoustic signature. The stiffness and high strength-to-weight ratio are perfected for transporting heavy loads with a reduced failure rate due to the increased toughness. AMP propellers have shown no blade creep or expansion at the highest RPM levels in high temperatures—something that has plagued woven composite propellers used in ducted fan environments.


In addition to using 100% recyclable material in a non-carcinogenic process, AMP Industrial is a Berry Amendment Compliant (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a) manufacturer. “All the products we provide are completely designed, developed and produced in the United States. Our leading-edge designs and development processes enable us to be very competitive without relying on international manufacturing.” Christensen said.


AMP’s new PRO220 is now available for $149.99 and mounting adaptor ADAPTOR-PRO- MD is $19.99 through or



Based in the USA, AMP Industrial is an advanced composites propulsion manufacturer dedicated to developing innovative UAS solutions with leading-edge materials, designs, and processes. We strive to bring the highest quality proven technology and materials, so our customers get experiences they simply cannot get anywhere else. For more information, contact



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